White Oak Animal Safe Haven

Maggie "We love her."

Rooney playing with her new siblings Darwin.

~~"Spike has just passed his puppy obedience test with Learning to Lead! Thanks WOASH for a great buddy for our family!"


 "Siblings Darwin and Cocoa love getting together to play. Here they are taking a break to pose for the camera."

We love our fur babies sooooo much!! We adopted them in November 2013 and they even have their own Facebook page!! Our lives would not be complete without Padme and Leia in it xoxo

Sammy came home with me on Friday. His name is Pumpkin now he has a Friend Hunter to play with. Very Happy Loved and of course spoiled♡♡

"I adopted buddy from you in 2006. He's very happy with his best bud Molly, and he's very spoiled! Thank you for all you do! "

Sadie after our walk in the park and trying to get squirrels~ she has been a blessing to our family.

Pistol is happy to be with his new family.

"Just wanted to let you know Gunner is doing great. The whole neighborhood loves him; everyone stops to pet him during our walks. I live next to a restaurant and he meets people going in and out of there almost daily and has become so social!"

"Since adopting Cinnamon I have never been happier! He gets along with his brothers and he fits right in."

"This is Roxy aka Glory. I got her from White Oak Animal Safe Haven a few years ago. She's doing wonderful. This was taken today after I gave the horse too much attention."

"Samantha blended into our family instantly.  She loves her new furry family too. She came into our house with cats and dogs and made friends with all them quickly. It was a match made in Heaven.

One of the best decisions we ever made was adopting Jax from this shelter and giving him a second chance at a great life he so well deserves!

"Volunteering at the shelter is very therapeutictheriputical."

"Just wanted to give a great big "thanks" to the folks at WOASH. Mr Brown, aka Baxter, is enjoying his new home- and we are just LOVING him!"

"We adopted Munchkin a little over a year ago. He was so scared when we brought him home, he hid under a bed for a week. I would say he likes his forever home and is quite comfortable here!"

"Its been 2 weeks since we adopted Emmy and we couldn't be happier! She's a great pup! Thank you for all you ladies do!"

Furry friends that found forever homes.

White Oak Animal Safe Haven