White Oak Animal Safe Haven

White Oak Animal Safe Haven

* Update: Chloe is in foster care.  SHe is doing well but still on several meds.  All her upper teeth have been removed. 8 on the bottom remain.  She had a total of 20 teeth removed. She will go for a final check up on 2-3 weeks.

* Chloe's Story

Meet Chloe a pretty 10 year old dachshund. Chloe is not available for adoption at this time. However, we want to share Chloe's story with you.

Many times we have animals that are in our shelter that we care for until they are healthy enough to be adopted. Chloe is one of those animals. Chloe is a very sweet girl. Volunteers describe her as well behaved, curious, affectionate, and lovable.

When Chloe first arrived she was infected with fleas along with a flea allergy. On top of that she was also found to be anemic. Once she was examined by a vet we found she has a enlarged heart, heart murmur, and hypertension. We also found that she has severe dental disease. She will be undergoing surgery tomorrow 8-25-17 at PVSC. At PVSC they will monitor her heart carefully during surgery. The estimated costs for Chloe's care at PVSC is $1600 - $3000 depending on how things go. Many times we have high vet costs to care for our animals.

We are a no kill shelter and we rely upon our volunteers and donations in order to succeed. This is why we greatly appreciate monetary donations. Monetary donations go toward medical costs and the care of our animals while they are at our shelter.

Chloe's had a rough start but now she is being cared for and loved by the volunteer family here at the White Oak Animal Safe Haven. She has started a new chapter of her life. One with love, caring people, and a feeling of being safe. Our goal is to get her medical conditions under control and then she will be ready for adoption.

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A great big THANK YOU to the West Mifflin Sophomore class who has donated a $300 check to the White Oak Animal Safe Haven! Money was raised from a bake sale they held in February. Thank you for your hard work and your donation!

The White Oak Animal Safe Haven would like to send out a big thank to Girl Scout Troop 52129. They collected food, cleaning products, toys, favorite house treats, and many other much needed items for our shelter.

Vet Day is by appointment only.  

(412) 672-8901



Every pet that comes to WOASH must be vaccinated against Rabies. Please be prepared to show proof of rabies upon bringing your pet to our facility. If you cannot provide written documentation, or if your pet is not current, we will vaccinate the animal here on the day of your appointment, and you will be responsible for the $15.00 fee.


Vaccinations are $15.00 each  

* Rabies

* Bordetella

* Distemper (Canine and Feline)

* Parvo Feline Leukemia FIV