White Oak Animal Safe Haven

White Oak Animal Safe Haven Animal Adoptions

White Oak Animal Safe Haven was founded by Ina Jean Marton. She opened the doors to the shelter on September 21, 2003. The main goal of this shelter was, and still is, to save homeless and stray animals.  

The White Oak Animal Safe Haven is a small, volunteer run, no-kill shelter that is located in White Oak, Pennsylvania. There have been more than 9,000 animals that have been saved through adoptions here since the opening on September 21,2003.  We run only on donations from the public and our fundraising events. Without these fellow animal lovers we wouldn't have been able to accomplish what we have done today.

Tips On Animal Care

* Regular Vet Visits

* Flea Prevention

* Keep Vaccinations updated

* Feed Pure Items

* Regular Exercise

* Limit Exposure to cold

* Always Keep On Leash

* Provide Warm Sleep Area

* Never Leave in Cold Car

* Leave Coat Grow Out

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